"Our lifegroup used Simply Pretend to throw a murder mystery dinner. We didn't know where to begin and Jenn recommended Alice in Wonderland as a theme. It was such a fun experience! From choosing characters and costumes to food and decor, we had a blast! And let's not forget about the invitations, so adorable! Jenn was very organized and her attention to detail make our party a huge success. We have all decided that this will become a tradition for our group." - Mandy
"Jennifer Piatt is one of THE most creative person I know!! From Texas to Iowa, she makes the fun with all her fantastic, one of a kind ideas for any party! She has such charisma and charm, she has been doing things like this for years for her family friends! She is amazing and I'm sure she has the most awesome teams out there! She will make sure everything is done to her standards ,( and she don't settle for less than perfect), let her planning and expertise create a dream for you!!" - Amy

"My son loves Simply Pretend. He had a few friends come over for a party and they dressed up like cowboys! They played around forever and I had to beg him to take off his costume when the party was over!" - Amber

"I've had the opportunity to photograph many of Jennifer's parties and wow - let me tell you... nobody threw parties like this when I was a kid!  I'm always so impressed by the level of detail she puts into her work.  Everything from the invitations to the decor, even the creative display of tasty snacks - it's always such a great fit for the theme! The other thing I find that differentiates her party planning style is that she keeps the parents in mind when planning a kid's party.  They are welcome and encouraged to participate if they'd like and I can't help but find myself in the mix!  I mean, it's hard to resist the opportunity to dress like a ninja... I always have so much fun photographing her parties and cannot imagine the excitement for the kids."           - Amie

"Simply Pretend makes any ordinary party "extraordinary"! And not only for kids! My friends loved the adult murder mystery party. We laughed and had so much fun!"        - Mary