Why use Simply Pretend?

Your time is precious. You choose the theme, we provide the costumes, props, accessories, games and activities - even decorations all you have to do is pick it up and bring it back! We also offer custom invitations and other print products at a discount through our affiliate, Leade Design Works. We are your one-stop party shop!

What if My Theme is not listed?

If you have a creative idea or the perfect theme in mind and do not see it listed, please let us know! We love creating new themes and parties and would be glade to help. Please make sure to give us a MINIMUM of two weeks in advance.

What quality are your costumes?

Our costumes are created for Dress Up. They range from new to gently used, or upgraded for added bling. We take great care in making sure that all our costumes are clean and well kept so that your event will look incredible.

How many guests are included in the basic party package?

Ten. Additional guests can be added for a fee.

Do you only cater to kids?

No. We have party themed packages for kids, teens and adults. Boys AND girls.

Is a Deposit required?

YES. A $50 Deposit is required in order to secure your requested date and time. This deposit will be refunded back to you after all items have been returned in original condition and packaging to Simply Pretend.

What if my child gets ill or I need to cancel the party. Is the deposit refundable?

If you cancel or need to reschedule and give us at least a two weeks’s notice we will refund your deposit. If that is not an option, unfortunatley the deposit cannot be refunded. We have scheduled that time for your event and with short notice are unable to schedule someone in your time slot.

Are Food / Drinks permitted in costumes?

No. We ask that you do not eat or drink in costumes in order to keep them in good condition.

How sanitary are the beauty products and spa products?

Each child will have their own makeup and application tools for their lips and face. The Spa tools and accessories are sanitized after each party prepared for the next.

Does Simply Pretend accept personal checks?

For the deposit, we can accept a Personal Check, Credit Card, Cashier's Check, and money orders. For the balance, we prefer Cash, Credit card, money orders or a Cashier's Check.

Do you provide Music?

We provide themed music suggestions before your event date so that you can either download them, or create a playlist. We are happy to help you create a playlist with an add-on option of jump/flash drive of songs.

How far in advance should we book a party?

The sooner the better! Some weekends book quicker than others. The sooner your deposit is received, the sooner your date and time will be locked in!

Can I book a Last Minute Party?

YES. If we have the costume availability, then you can book it!

What should guests wear to the event since it is a Dress Up Party?

Depending on which Dress Up Party, will determine on what they should wear.

    Spa Party : Comfortable and Light Clothes as in Pajamas, Shorts or leggings and T-Shirt.

    For the all other parties: we suggest easy items they can pull on costumes over like leggings, leotards and or T-shirts.

Are there Hostesses who can come to help with the party?

We do have add-on options for Hostess and Jr. Hostesses who can attend if available. There are additional costs included in this option.

Are Gift Bags included?

We do offer party favors that can be added on to your party. We can put together favors created around your theme for each child to take home. Each basic favor is $3.25 each.

Still have questions? Give us a call 469.543.8606