Murder Mystery Party

Crazy PJ Party Game

We have the PERFECT Add-ons for this theme!

  • Themed custom designed T-shirts
  • Themed drink ware
  • Party Tables
  • Party Chairs

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Murder mystery games are generally party games wherein one of the partygoers is secretly, and unknowingly, playing a murderer, and the other attendees must determine who among them is the criminal. This may involve the actual 'murders' of guests throughout the game, or may open with a 'death' and have the rest of the time devoted to investigation.  All we can say is "Who Done It?" (this party has special pricing and individual themes like Mad Hatter and 80's Music Night.  Ask us for details)

This theme includes:

  • 30 Minute consultation
  • Party props, hat, wigs and accessories for each character
  • Themed music suggestions
  • Basic themed table decorations including table cloth, centerpiece and table runner
  • Game & Activity ideas
  • Custom Food planner
  • Guest List Planner
  • Party time schedule and checklist
  • Themed welcome sign for yard
  • A special gift for the hostess

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